Competitive Dance

Our most committed dance students and their families consider trying out for our competition team. Becoming part of Allison’s Dance Company Competition team is extremely rewarding. These students will train upwards of 5 hours a week. Most train upwards of 20 hours or more a week and love every second of it.

Our ADC Competition parents help the process by getting our students to class on time and prepared for class. We compete January to July and usually one weekend a month (usually a Friday-Sunday). They may have to get up by 5:30 in the morning to get ready and have awards at 10:00 pm! The dancers may battle through adverse conditions and they do it with a smile. They are not your average children or parents. We pull together as a team and take on all challenges.

We will almost always have to stay at a hotel from 1-2 nights and stick together and help each other. Its definitely a great time and brings everyone close tighter. No crazy dance parents here. We do not only try out the student we make sure everyone is the right fit. This has made our team one big family and led to our competition success!

We are one of the leading Dance Companies on the East Coast and though we compete as locally as possible we do compete internationally at times.

We hold tryouts for our competition team thought the year and look forward to working with our prospective students.

Start Dancing with us today!

We want to find the right fit for your dancer. Our classes can accommodate most dancers between the age of 3 and 16.