We all need to be weary of hygiene, hair should never be loose unless it’s too short to do something with. Nails on hands and feet should be short. Showers before class are appreciated and please no stinky feet or shoes. They step on the same mats that the kids and putting their faces on.


Closings for acts of God (weather) we do not make up classes.

Closing for teacher illness will be made up.

Student absence for illness will not be made up unless we need the time for a dance.

We do not offer refunds for missing attendance.

Through half the year we will miss one weekend a month to compete. We will have a makeup class for the recreational students that did not compete but competition students will not have a makeup class.


Recital season is very exciting and we want all our students to look their best. To do their best, they must show up for class!

Students that do not show up for practice will have less time on stage.

You must show up the week before recital and on recital practice day. We let you know the recital and practice dates at least 30 days in advance. You will not dance at recital if you do not follow the above rules. We are sorry if you are sick but that will not change the recital rule.

We will also take certain things into consideration so talk to us well in advance.


Christmas Eve / Day

New Year’s Eve / Day

Thanks Giving Eve / Day

Black Friday (because no one shows up)

4th of July (we usually have our ADC Parade)

Memorial Day

Feel free to take off any Religious Holidays (No makeups for these days).

Start Dancing with us today!

We want to find the right fit for your dancer. Our classes can accommodate most dancers between the age of 3 and 16.